Healing takes place best when the soul is at it's greatest expansion, and 
when the body is at complete rest and the mind is empty of thoughts.  
​Energetic therapies provide the tools to achieve this expansion.

 When we have a blossoming soul, we initiate a healing body and a purified mind.  
​It is our mission to create a natural healing sanctuary that will stimulate peace, tranquility and personal transformation.  
Exclusivity in service is essential at Blossoming Soul Therapies.  We offer an atmosphere of positive vibrations, pure intentions, loving strength, years of research, vast studies and a lifetime of experience.  

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • PLEASE CALL if the time frame you need is not available online.
  • All Souls Readings Oct. 30th - Nov. 7th $90
    Tarot and Palmistry, Auric Readings only once a year Book you appointment now for your personal 60 minute reading.  October 30th - November 7th.  The opening of the veil between the worlds is the at its thinnest point, best time of year for having a reading that is clear and magical.   
  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is a form of healing that uses reflex points on the hands, head, face, feet and spine.
    • Reflexology with Metamorphosis $88
       a bushel of kindness to the body and a sigh of relief to the mind with 60 minutes of Reflexology & Metamorphosis with Amethyst Biomat and Aroma Acupoint Therapy.  The ancient art of pressure and movements on reflex points at the feet and hands.
    • Reflexology, Biomat, Acupoint & Energy Reading $150
      The ancient art of pressure and movements on reflex points at the feet and hands. Private 60 minute Reflexology session of hands and feet on Full Amethyst Bed and acupoint therapies. Additional 20 minute Service of Energy Reading, Aura Fluff and Chakra Attunement.
    • Spinal Flow - Back Treatment $150
      A hot stone reflexology session & spinal assessment on the back while laying on the Amethyst full Bio Mat, with a Tree of Life Aroma Acupoint Session, with Crystal Tuning fork of the spine.  Closing with Bio-Energy on the spine.  
    • Face & Head Reflexology $48
      Can be Added on to Reflexology or Tree of Life.  Please add 30 minutes to session. 
    • Energy Medicine

      There are many forms of hands on healing with and through the energy field.  Of the practices offered are Eastern Traditions in Enegy Medicine - Qigong as Medicine; Reiki, Healing Hands and Metamprohosis.  These may be in combination or used together. 
      • Energy Medicine $190
        - a blend of eastern and western energetics that will ease the pain, clear your chakras and charge up your engine.  A total body, mind and spirit assessment is included.   Private Energy Medicine session with the palpation of the energy field, aura cleansing and vibrational attunement.1 1/2 hour use of many indigenous practices of energy healing, qi gong as medicine, metamorphosis, bio energy, energy acupoint, hands on healing, reiki.  This session will use energy medicine to create a most vibrant energy field for you emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  Amethyst bio mat for optimal detox, a mini sound bath and vibrational attunment.  
      • Clinical Energy Session $90
        Clinical Energy session is 45 minutes of concentrated energy medicine on a specific body location, illness or disease.  This can be used to speed up healing time after a surgery; relieve isolated pain in the physical body or work on removing heat from a disease.  
      • Body Awakening Techniques $175
      • Bio-Energy Package $350
        - by the end of these Five 1hr cosmic energy sessions you will be radiating light near and far.  $350. Must make a commitment to 5 sessions.   Bio-Energy Package  Exclusive Bio Energy of Ireland.   Sessions are $70.00 each and last 1 hour.  
        Starting in February 2018 these prices will be rising.  
      • Bio-Energy Tuesday Clinic $50
        These sessions are for Bio-Energy clients who have completed 5 full sessions.  This price of $50.00 will only be available on specific 2 Tuesdays a month only - PLEASE CHECK THE DATES.  There will be no exceptions.  This price is specifically for these Tuesdays.  You can schedule a Bio-Tune Up at any time.  Time frame 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM.
      • Bio-Energy Tune Up $90,120
        One full hour of BioEnergy, Aroma-Acupoint Therapy and Acupoint Energetics.  Only after a full energy medicine session and Bio-Energy Package.  
      • Private Sound & Vibrational Therapy $140

        A excellent mixture to generate vision, focus and clarity with a 60 minutes of sound, crystal and vibrational bath and attunement while laying on a 1500lb slab of Fluorite.  

        Private 1 hour and 15 minute - Sound & Vibrational Healing session 
      • Raindrop Technique Using YL Essential Oils $125
      • Blossoming Soul Journey

        This is a select service.  Please call to discuss.  
        • Soul Counseling $90
        • Private 8 Week Soul & Life Coaching $1,200
          Blossoming Soul Journey will consist of an 8 week program of 10 sessions to enhance self healing & self empowerment.  This is a form of Soul Coaching practices that will bring you into a higher frequency of energy to be and present your optimal health.  


      $35.00 for 50 minutes.

      • Amethyst Bio Mat 50 Minutes $68
        50 minutes of Amethyst Bio Mat on 1500 lb slab of Fluorite .  Sound Healing music played with 15 min Sound bath & Crystal Tuning Fork Cleansing.  Crystal water always provided. 
      • Hypnosis

        Hypnosis is the availability to work within the subconscious mind to create change, to enhance and empower to your greatest and highest potential. 
  • WORKSHOPS for Private Groups

    These are private selections for small groups.  Please call 732-233-0642 to discuss and arrange.  



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